Swagtron T380 Hoverboard Bluetooth Speaker & Lights, Personalize Experience w/ Android/IOS App

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Whether you’re on your way to class, riding through the park, or exploring new cities, the SWAGTRON T380 is the ride for you. The SWAGTRON T380 is a self-balancing electric scooter that employs gyroscopic technology and serves as the next revolution in hoverboard travel. The T380 uses an internal gyroscope to power its movements allowing you to control it based on the shifting of your body weight. With its newly updated software, the T380 will pro-vide more responsive controls for an even smoother ride!

This motorized scooter pro-vides speeds up to 8 mph over an 11-mile range. The T380 also supports riders up to 220 lbs and features a 5-level battery indicator built into the hoverboard so that you never have to guess what your battery levels are.

Whether you’re looking for a kids scooter for zipping around on sidewalks, or an adult electric scooter to help make that last mile commute to work, the T3 is perfect for people of all ages. For beginners who are just starting out, the T380 also comes with a learning mode that allows first-time Swagriders to get a feel for their swag.

The T380 also comes with an accompanying app made for both Android and iOS smartphones that allows you to adjust riding modes, check battery life, see system information, and more.

With the T380, you can rock out while you roll with an integrated Bluetooth speaker built directly into the e-scooter, allowing you to play music directly from your phone. Journeying onto unexplored sidewalks and paths? With the T3, there’s no need to worry about scratches anymore as rubber bumpers will protect your hoverboard while LED lights lead the way.

The SWAGTRON hover skate board also features a carrying strap, so that you can take your SWAGTRON with you no matter where you go. Because with SWAGTRON there’s no limit to the places that you can go.

SWAGTRON – Adventures begin with your feet! Order yours today.

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